Thursday, July 27, 2006


The Golani fighters have a special place in my heart. Whenever I see a "Golani Sheli" sticker, or a brown barret (Golani's color), or even a kippa with an olive tree (Golani's symbol) I feel a connection. I want to say, hey - my brother is also Golani. Golani 51, March 03. It's kinda like a Jewish geography itch. At work today I heard that a Golani unit was ambushed in southern Lebanon. Immediately my world froze. My brother could've been there. It's like when there were regular bombings in Jerusalem, and everywhere that blew up you had spent time at, or had just been on that bus, or had cancelled plans...that feeling. I knew my brother was not there, as a) his unit is not inside Lebanon, but sitting at the boarder, and b) much to his frustration, while the rest of his researve unit was called up - he was not. At dinner tonight he got a phone call telling him that one of the officers who was killed, a boy from Eli, was from his orignial training unit. I walked home tonight with a lot running through my head. On my way home I noticed 6 golani bumper stickers and 2 kids with golani kippas. I wish that I had something to say to each of them. As I said, my brother is frustrated he was not called up, and he is currently fighting with the army to call him up. To an outsider, and even to many insiders, that may seem nuts - I think I understand. That's his family on the border - I'm only related through him.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chaifa victim to Gush Katif evacuees

( A Haifa resident under siege by Hizbullah attacks and who ignored opponents to the government's expulsion of Gush Katif resident has written the expulsion victims and asked for forgiveness.

In an open letter posted on a Gush Katif forum web site, Y. S. wrote, "I closed my business since the beginning of the battle and I don't know what will happen. I never thought that I, a Haifa resident for 30 years, would be a refugee in my own land.

"During five years you coped with bombs, and I didn't care. Even when you came to visit me in my house, to explain, to convince, to share your feelings with me, I refused to listen to you.

"People from Gush Katif and the Shomron! Forgive me! Forgive us for not understanding you. I am not a religious man, and not a mystic person." The Haifa resident concluded that his problems are "the price that I am paying now for my late understanding."

Monday, July 24, 2006

CNN - כל הכבוד

CNN had an excellent 2 hour coverage of Hezbollah - what they stand for, when/why they were created, their standings in the world, and why they are so popular in Lebanon. Without putting on an Israeli slant I think they did a fantastic job of educating the masses out there about this enemy to the world. I am very impressed.

RAMI begins

I am excited to announce to my random world of readers, RAMI. Named for a close friend who has always been an inspiration to me, I hope RAMI will inspire teens around the country.

As I spend a lot of time with English speaking families across the country, I have discovered there is serious concern for the
English-speaking teens here. Anglo-Israeli teens struggle with not only the usual ?teen issues?, but also carry the frustrations and complications of being outsiders, in many cases with a loss of identity and self-esteem. These teens may have grown up outside of Israel and are now trying to deal with the changes in culture, language, and the effects of moving, or may have grown up in Israel to English speaking families and have never acclimated to Israeli society.

After much research into the situation I have decided to tackle this problem. I have recently started to put the wheels into motion for a countrywide English-speaking youth group. I am starting to write grant proposals and make contacts throughout the country.

Of course your thoughts on the idea are always welcome!

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Activism

It's not always easy being an activist, but I try to do what I can. Today's activism event involved refugees from the Northern Front. Spread all around Jerusalem these refugees are just looking for a sense of home. When I heard about a refugee BBQ I knew I had to be there. Parents and children had a chance to run around some British guy's apartment and pretend they were just visiting friends, leaving that refugee feeling out in the street.

Scribbled Out

I went to the kotel to meet my refugee brother and sister(in law). I said some tehillim, and then found a siddur with tefillah for the solidiers and the country. I have recently started to add that in to my daily tefillot, as I feel both need all the prayers they can get. When I opened to the siddur to the apporpriate page I found that someone had scribbled pen all over the two paragraphs. Two people would've done this, someone who is very hurt, upset, angry at the chayalim and the medina, or someone who does not think these paragraphs should be in a siddor. In both those cases, my heart goes out to the scribbler. Someone who is so passionate and feels the need to ruin a public property siddor. Did they take a pen out in the middle of davvening and cross it out not caring who saw them? Did they come specifically to cross it out? Where they in so much pain when they saw it in the siddor they tried to ensure no one else would see it...
Don't scribbles over black writting didn't render it illegible, and I said the tefillot with a lot of random thoughts going through my head about עם אחד, תפילה and priorities.
Just thought I'd share :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Old City's Alive!

Thank Gd not the noisy-ness that is being heard north and south of the country! I had the priveledge of spending Friday night in Jerusalem's Old City. You wouldn't know there was war being fought this Shabbat. The kotel plaza was filled with groups, dancing, singing and davvening. Men & Women's sections were packed. Throughout the meal boisterous groups were constantly walking throught the square outside the apartment. After my meal I went to a friend's apartment in the Old City who had more then 20 random guests mostly visiting from around the world. I took one of their guests for a walk down to the kotel. Even at that late hour the plaza and davvening areas were not empty. There was a boys camp singing beautifully. I made it home after 2 am.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Jerusalem

My brothers house is in the Galilee. Not a quiet place to be living this week. I offered to come up with food - as their stores are closed due to incoming rockets. I was met with "this isn't Gush Katif, we aren't looking for solidarity", and they were going to find an open grocery (which they did). A number of times I went to Gush Katif despite the rockets and shootings. I went to pass on the message that just because my house, and my neighborhood weren't under fire I felt that all of Israel was under attack, and I was there with them. They were living on the front lines, protecting all of us. The fact that Jerusalem is not being shelled does not really make this a safer area. I don't believe I'm chasing danger, more passing on the message that the country and the people are in this together. I'm not going to lock myself into my safe little house, in my safe little neighborhood, and wish this all away... But i will listen to my mom who does not see any reason for me to put myself in the hotzone...

Hitting Home

As Israel/Hezbollah and Israel/Hamas strikes escalate, Israelis are making phone calls. Sure, everyone is talking about the war, I'm sure it's being discussed around the world, but here this a twist. The talk first hit me at work when we heard that guys from the company we share our building with were being called up. Called up.

ה ישמר על חיילנו


Yesterday I received a call inviting me to an interview for a Program Coordinator position! I sent in my CV about a month ago, and as I haven't heard anything from them, I assumed that they were not interested. WRONG! Thursday I have my interview!!! I am really excited, and of course I've decided that once they meet me, they'll love me, and I'll be able to quit here. I'm so looking forward to the minute I can quit!
Of course since my boss has been fired, and a new one hired my office has been debitched. That's a posting all to itself which somehow never got posted. The debitching of the office was basically due to the fact that no one gets along with the new boss man. I mean no one! So we've all basically banded together in our disgust and outrage of new guy, not leaving any room for bitchiness and clicks (yes, it does seem a lot like HS).

Friday, July 07, 2006

They Really Did It!

I don't want today to end without writting a little something something about today. For me the most emotional part of any wedding is when groom is danced in to see the bride and cover her face with a veil. The excitement is almost tangible when they catch glimpse of each other for the first time on their wedding day. That was the feeling I got watching my brother's family walking down the steps from the airplane as they took their first steps in Israel as Israelis. This tangible emotion so strong I was tearing from happiness.
I wrote on their onlysimchas page I can't wait to be able to take for granted that they are here.
I mean it. Welcome home. Welcome to the club. It's gonna be great!