Wednesday, September 01, 2010

You can't stop us!

"Terror will not determine Israel's borders or the future of the settlements." Natanyahu said after 4 people were murdered for traveling in a car that was determined shootable by the neighborhood terrorists. That's right, Natanyahu, you let them know! They can kill us all they want, it won't stop us from giving them what they want! Take your best shots - at close range, if you so desire... but don't think for a second that that will force us to take peace off the table. We're going to give you our land if it's the last thing we do... So don't stop terrorizing on account of consequences, cuz the worst thing that can happen is you'll end up in an Israeli prison being thought of as a hero by your neighbors and friends outside the slammer, while inside the slammer enjoying all the wonderful benefits that come with a "life sentance" in an Israeli jail...until we decide your more worth it to us to be set free to kill and spread hatred again in exchange for ummm, the ever elusive peace. You can't stop us!


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