Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm Ready....i think...

There are many many different types of people around, i'll focus on the 3 types of people who head organzations. There is the "gotta be in charge" person. This person needs to be in charge. They'll run different committees, be the pres of various org, and generally step on whoever they can to get there. Next there is the person who accepts responsibility. They see a need, and they see that no one else is going to step in, and therefore they take charge. The third is guilted into leadership. They are voted in, and talked into taking responsibilities. They may always look for someone else to take over from them.
I like to put myself in the 2nd category. So what do I see needing my attention now? I think this country needs a program for teen olim. I know, you all think there are programs. The OU has one, and there are so many for hi-risk teens. What about the rest of the country? Yes...there is a country out of Jerusalem. What about the teens that are not smoking up, or drinking, hanging out all night in town - but who don't have a positive peer group. In my investigatings I discovered the misrad klita (dept of absorption) has set aside money for teen olim programs. Now I have to write a proposal and find an organazation who wants me to run this program. The goal of the program will be to give the teens a positive peer enviroment to work out any bumps they're having with being a teen complicated by the term "oleh" - and everything it brings with it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Have An Interview With....Who?

I recieved a call today which opened a whole new world. Someone had receieved my CV and was calling to set up an interview. The problem is I've sent in so many CV's for so many different positions, I didn't know what type of position I would be going in for. I took down the name of the group, and answered their questions. We set up an interview for tomorrow at 9. I then turned to my trusted friend google. I searched. And searched. I entered the address. i entered jobopps with their name. Nothing. What to do. I entered their phone number. Still nothing. Ah....came up with an idea. Typed in their English named company in hebrew letters. BINGO! It turns out I have an interview with a job placement company....great...good luck to me!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Blog Haters!

More and more frequently am I surrounded by blog haters. Without knowing that I am a blogger people have commented how much they hate bloggers. They call us "narcissists". What are they too full of themselves to share their thoughts with others :)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Watch Out Ann Coulter

Nope, this is not a threat...just a friendly warning. I dont know Ann at all, she's a journalist who wrote an article featured on "yahoo! news" called CALVIN AND HOBBES — AND MUHAMMAD. She is just trying to understand why this "religion of peace" might be rioting to protest the world's view of their "peaceful religion" as something less then peaceful. Are they just a misunderstood people who attack embasies, riot in the street, and chase away the very people sent to protect them (TIPH in Chevron) because....they...uh...are misunderstood? Well Ann, I hope someone's watching your back...