Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is Nuclear Capabilities Really A Matter Of National Security?

Forty years of amibuity came to an end Monday when PM Olmart was being interviewed. You can't really blame him though, he wasn't elected for his military smarts.

In the interview, Olmert said Iran is working hard to acquire the same nuclear capabilities – and weaponry – as those who have already done so, such as the United States, France, Israel and Russia. He responded to the interviewer’s follow-up question about the nuclear bomb with a brusque, “I’m certain you can go to the Secretary of Defense of America and talk to him about that.”

Let's just acknowledge our good fortune he didn't know all the answers!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


They attach themselves to you before you are even aware. You find yourself worrying and involved in their lives. You’ve spoken to them about their future, school, and family. You may find yourself on the phone with their parents, friends, or therapists. What happened? These kids have found someone to attach to, and they’re more then willing to attach. There are today’s “at-risk” teens. They’re hurt, they’re alone, and they’re searching for something. What about their parents? What about their teachers? The reasons they are searching are as many as there are “at-risk” teens. The people they are searching for are adults they feel they can trust. Once they attach themselves to you, and you’ve started to care, you are stuck. You will worry about them, concern yourself with them, and not sleep at night because of what they’ve told you. You’re hooked. Welcome to the world of “at-risk” teens.