Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 Years

It may seem weird that I haven't written in so long, and boom there's a poem. Not so weird. Sorry. I have written here a few times, and just have not posted what I've written. Why not? 'Cuz I'm not sure if I like where I stand on the political issue that bothers me the most, Gilad Shalit.

I would like to say go get him at any cost. We should not be held captive by their kidnapping. The "palestinian" people (for lack of a better name), should fear what would happen if their goons kidnap an Israeli (soldier or civilian) in the future. Instead, they see us not making any moves, they see their little campaign has paid off big time. Yes, I think risk lives to bring him back. Make a big deal about it. Have the world look at us in disbelief. Yes, people could die. He could die. Those sent in to bring him home can die. I would like to say it's worth it. My husband thinks it's great I'm not making those decisions. I guess I do too.

What happens if we do send in soldiers and they don't come back? What happens if he were to be killed due to our mission? What if the soldiers we send in are taken captive. Now we've handed them ammunition. Not cool. But trading those we have in our prisons, people put in prison because we saw them as a danger to society, a threat to our way of living (you know, the walking on the street without being afraid the bus next to you is about to blow up type of living), ok - a threat to our very lives for him? Also, not cool. How many people are going to die because we made a deal with the devil to free one life and bring him home? All of our sodiers will be at risk for being ambushed & kidnapped. But he's alive. He's waiting for us to bring him home. His family is waiting. Each day you wake up, buy a cup of coffee, read the paper, go to work/school/or do whatever you have planned for that day, is another day that he is in the hands of his enemy. Another day at their mercy, without knowing if his nightmare is going to end.

So, why today? Why did I decide to write it out now? I'm not sure. That's the truth. I walk by the demonstration tent on a fairly regular basis. They want you to sign a petition to bring him home. They list the number of days he's been captive for. This week marks the third year he's been held. (Sunday according to the Jewish calendar, tomorrow according to the Gregorian calendar). Something needs to be done.

I am glad I don't make these types of decisions... I just wish someone in our government would.


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