Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Studying and studies

While this morning/afternoon was spent trying to get through some pages of my psychology text book, this evening was a textbook example... A madrich ran an activity with different improve situations for the kids to run through. At the end every violent action and word was read through by a madricha who had documented it throughout the activity. The madrich then tried to lead a discussion based about violence, and why does it come in to play so often. The most logical response from the teens - it's our way of dealing with the real world. it's our outlet for dark humor. yes, we've all lost someone or another, and maybe we want to downplay the effect of violence by playing it with our friends. hmmm. Of course, cut short we never got to reallly discuss b/c the room was needed... it's always the great discussions that never happen.

Monday, October 23, 2006

...and they loved me too...

Yay! I start Thursday! I'm not sure (even a little bit) what exactly I'm doing... but I liked the place, I liked the people, and I'm going to work Thursday morning!

On Your Mark!

While last year (before Rosh Hashana) ended with the bangs of the war on the Northern Front, my new year has started with bangs of it's own. I'm working with some English speaking teens, my personal investment program. I started school - Pissicologia (that's Psychology to you English speaking folks out there) Yes, after an 8 year hiatas and a lot of happiness that I am not stuck in a library studying, I have come to the conclusion that while I may not enjoy it, I need a degree to get where i want to go in this country. I have recently had a number of interviews, one that i actually want, and I have a great feeling about it. (I'll keep you updated, hopefully very soon!). I have a date this week, blind date - but sounds decent. (also I'll let you know) Now I just to hope I don't peak too soon in my new year luck, and have nothing else up for 10 months :) So keep your fingers crossed, or whatever it is you do, and if you see me smiling as I pass you by in town, it's because - well... life is great.