Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's About Time...

I was interviewed by some BBC reporters while waiting for my bus at the mall today. They wanted to know how I felt about Israel's attacks on Gazan residents. I told them I thought it was about time. They wanted to know if I was aware that children & civilians would be hit, and that people are going to die from these attacks. I reminded them that people have been dying, and asked him if knew that on Friday 2 young Palestinian girls had been killed when a rocket on its way to Israel fell short and landed in Gaza. They thanked me for my time and moved on... perhaps looking for a leftie who would feed their story line... The next person they asked just happened to be learning in Sderot and told them she was happy that the government was finally doing something. She described life as a student where you weren't half as concerned about your grades as you were about making it home that day. They thanked her for her time, and moved on. The next person they found said his bus was pulling up, so they could ask one question. He was asked, what do you think about the IDF's recent attacks, he said "It's about time, I gotta go." So there you have it BBC...the mall people agree "It's about time!"


Blogger Just Shu said...

wow you went more then a year without posting, and then you restarted, and stopped again...I agree it was about time, I think it's about time to go back in in.

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