Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stop And Think...

According to A7, Women In Green has called on the public not to stop hitchhiking. They insist that residents should not allow terrorist to disrupt the daily routine of Israeli civilians. I only agree on one level, the level that one should not let the terrorists win by living in fear. I however, do not feel that we should continue to call on people to hitchhike, more get to the root of the problem. WIG should call on the government to increase public transportation. An appropriate call would be to not to stop going out to the shtachim, or not to stop your daily routine. However, if there was a safer mode of transportation then hitchhinking...go for it! Protect the students, soliders, residents and tourists who travel the shtachim on a regular basis.

Look 'Ma No Hands!

I live in a country that while being hit with rockets, a soldier gets kidnapped during a surprise ambush, and then a civilian disappears. And the country's leadership takes some time out to think things through. Where is the leadership? Why are only the "extremists" publicizing solutions? Why does one have to be considered an "extremist" to fight for his country and her people? Why does the left only get frazzled when we infringe on the tranquility of the poor, terrorized, poverty stricken Arab. When will they stop and realize they are feeding the monster that is out to kill them? Do they have to see kutusha rockets landing in their front yards to understand? Do their sons have to be kidnapped, killed, or wounded? Truth is that would not help matters. They would write it off as an atrocity brought on by their government for treating the Arabs this way. How about the way we are being treated? The people of Sderot have rockets landing everyday. There is not an Israeli living in this country who has not be personally affected by a bombing. The people are on edge waiting to hear something positive about our two boys who have been kidnapped. And what do we do? Maybe we should learn a little something something from our murderous cousins. We pulled communities, families, and the dead out of Gaza to give our enemies something to live for. They rain terror from the skies. We don't respond. They kidnap a soldier during an ambush, where 2 soldiers were murdered and more were injured. We don't respond. They kidnap a civilian. Still no response. They're literally dying for attention! What do they have to do to get some recognition? Perhaps they should take a right wing activists position, everyone knows the government reacts to their every move, phone call, and SMS. You wanna throw molotov cocktails, rocks, rockets, and bombs...take your best shot, but to stand up and try to fight for an outpost...restraining orders, house arrest and jail. What a joke.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I remember playing baseball with my dad. If I didn't swing at a ball, he'd say "good eye, don't swing at everything, good eye". Of course, if you don't swing at anything you will strike out.

Sometimes you gotta fight when you're a Jew. I know this leftest government is trying desperately to erase the world's image of the tough Israelis taking on the world, but if we strike out enough we'll lose the game. Aren't two boys lives enough to stir up that fighting feeling? Can't we rally the troups to stop the rockets? Of course we can, they're ready willing and able to flatten Gaza...SWING Olmert SWING!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

┬┐The Outrage?

Where has all the outrage gone? Where is all the fight? Where are the human right activitists? The orange ribbon wearers? The hard right? The soft left? I don't think it matters if you are for or against pullouts, if you think there should or should not be checkpoints, or if you think this is or isn't a racist country. A city filled with innocent civilian people are being shelled. Everyday. The most I've heard about this is from Sky News. Sky News had the decency to devote almost 10 minutes to discuss the rockets, the people, the mayor, the citizens, the children, the schools, the streets, the homes, and the hopelessness in Sderot. The city shut itself down today, and subjected itself to a self-induced black-out. The black-out was disturbed by a rocket hitting the city. ROCKETS. SHELLS. Where are the country-wide demonstrations?

Monday, June 12, 2006

This guy

In answer to the questions I've been getting (over the phone, not as comments), guy friend is - yes, another not-boyfriend. Why do guys not want to date me? Why do they think I make just a great friend? Between the 5 brothers I have someone should be able to give me an answer. What about me is not-datable? What about me screams...just friends? Serious convo followed a few weeks after dating had been discussed (reapproached by me after being brought up point blank by friends), where I said I don't think our spending so much time together is a good idea. Friend wanted to discuss. We talked for 3 hours. He tells me I'm one of his closest friends, he enjoys spending time with me, and no - he does not want to go out with me. Maybe he'll throw me a birthday party. Great. He called 2x today, just to see how things were going. Great. That's what I need, an attentative non-boyfriend. Why? Anyone? Bueller?

Friday, June 09, 2006


If I would have been yelled at, at work, but not had my apartment broken into...dayeinu.
If i would have had my apartment broken into, but not had a serious convo with guy friend...dayeinu.
If i would have had serious conversation with guy friend, but not had my plans fall through..dayeinu.
If I would have had my plans fall through but not had to go to work on Sunday...dayeinu.

In spirit of keeping this blog mainly smut free... (see previous posting)

Yes, my apartment was broken into yesterday afternoon. Everyone in my office crowded around to hear details after they heard me on the phone trying to calm down my roommate. Oh my! What happened! How! Wow! What was taken? Wow! Hmmm! Blah Fbeeping Blah. I finished my dachuf work and asked my boss if I could leave.
"umm, b/c my apartment was just broken into {remember you were just Wow! and Oh My! ing at my desk!!!!?}, and the police are there..."
"Oh! right, I forgot"
"Umm, ok, I guess, good luck...oh, did you send me the report?"
"yes {Bbeep}, I e-mailed it to you"
"{Fbeep You} Shabbat Shalom"

Office Beeps

I know, there are kids who read this, and next week, or next month, or...well sometime, i would read this and probably delete it. So I'm going to try and keep it clean. In the original post, the one i just deleted There was cursing, anger, the F word, and a B word, and few S's thrown in..but hey, unless I want to create a third, anonymous blog I'm going to try and keep my typing clean.

my boss has been pretty harsh lately, and I'm not sure why. In general the feeling in the office is pretty laid back. Things get done, people come in late, leave early, there's a lot of shmoozing in the office. I get along with everyone in my immediate office. There are team members who have a different office, and I do not at all get along with two of them. They jump on me about every suggestion I make, they have a tendancy to order people around, and they're just general Bbeepes. Anyway, I got called into the office, and was asked in a pretty aggressive offensive way, "do you like being here", followed by "b/c it doesn't seem like you do". What am I supposed to answer to that? She told me that she sees i'm not a team player, and I don't take criticism, and I don't do my job, and if I don't change fast, she will have no prob. letting me go. Oh, and she's disappointed in me b/c I have so much potential...
I pretty much walked out there thinking What The Fbeep!
I know a lot of my faults and strong points. I am a team player. no one takes criticism well. And i can't Fbeeping do my job if the Bbeepes in the other office don't do theirs b/c mine is step two to theirs. Of course when I brought this up the Bbeep boss lady said she'd talk to them, but the problem is really mine, and I have to find a solution.
Basically it ended with a warning, of shape up or I'm out...
Followed a few hours later by her walking into my office (that I share with 4 others) and yelling at me about not doing something that I was a. never asked to do, b. thought and still think it didn't need to be done, and c. (after she huffed off) the other girls in my office agreed with me that they didn't think it needed to be done either....

The proceeding post has been very very cleaned up from its original smut filled content. It had been brutal clear frustrations, but I was held up posting it b/c blogger wouldn't let me log in. Which just fits in nicely to my Sbeepy week I've been having.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coming to an end...

Well, the 5 week trial period of living on my own, having a dog, and a car is coming to a close. Word on the street is they're coming back tomorrow. So, how did it go? well, i will definitely miss all those things! Moving back into an apartment shared three ways, and having to take the bus EVERY DAY to and from not giving me much to look forward too.
On the horizon... I've started looking for another job, as I'm dying of boredom/frustration/apathy (probably mostly the 3rd) at my current job.
I've decided to start looking for an aparment. No, not moving out by myself, but I'm finished living with 2 other roommies.