Monday, August 28, 2006

In A Land Far Far Away

As seeen on The Loop

Once upon a time in the land of deranged minds, there was a cute apartment with a lot of personlity The king of the apartments was worried about the cute apartment, what if just anyone takes it and lives there! He decided that to save the cute apartment for the perfect he would hide her. Far away from all the other apartments, up high high in a building with no elevator he hid the cute apartment. He let a little old lady come to take care of her, but only the truly devoted would be able to call her home. For 40 years the cute apartment waited with only the old lady to host.
One day it happened. Two girls were looking for the perfect place to call their next home. They looked all over, but could not find the perfect place. Being truly devoted people though, they kept searching. Finally the girls found the cute apartment. They were able to overlook her location, and that she was 5 flights up.
The girls moved in, after finding the only truly devoted movers in town, and the rest will be history :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Mad props to Sim for finding this

Monday, August 21, 2006

Whoa! Where Have You Been?

Ok, so I quit my job, decided to go to school, I'm starting a new organization, and I came up with an interesting buisness idea to make money "on the side". Oh, and I booked a flight to the States for 2 weeks. Yup, I think that 'bout sums it up.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Everywhere

He's not the same. His naturally smile filled face has become haunted. The twinkle in his eyes has been replaced by tears. His easy-going nonstop chatter has been replaced by silence. I've heard people say the war hasn't come to Jerusalem, but I beg to differ - when boys have to bury their best friends the war goes everywhere they are.

I went to the International Art Festival tonight with my parents. We had a great time. There were booths filled with artwork, cultural icons, jewelry, pottery, clothes, collectables, food, and more! There were music groups and performers. Everyone was having a great time. At 9:30 the group standing next to us jumped 10 feet in the air. That's when the fireworks started. I asked them if they were ok, their answer "We're from the North!". I've heard people say the war hasn't come to Jerusalem, but I beg to differ - when students carry the sounds of missles with them, the war goes everywhere they are.

Her eyes were all watery, I asked her innocently what alergies she had. No, not alergies - her husband was just called up to the border. I've heard people say the war hasn't come to Jerusalem, but i beg to differ - when wives are left behind by their husbands who have gone to fight, the war goes everywhere they are.

They miss their friends, they miss their house, they miss their toys, they miss their beds. They want to go home. They're kids living the life of refugees all over the city. I've heard people say the war hasn't come to Jerusalem, but I beg to differ - when kids have to be explained the truth about war, the war goes everywhere they are.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What Makes A Home?

Last year while I was helping Gush Katif evacuees move into their new residences, I had the opportunity to see what could make a standard caravilla a home. For many it was pictures, and those were the first boxes opened. For one boy it was unpacking his soccer parafanella and painting his room green (his team's color), while to a four year old girl it was setting up her dolls. A number of families immediately went about setting up their gardens, and I was privledge to be around to hear a Shehechiyanu being said by someone who planted his first tree which he had brought with him from Gush Katif. Two families in particular it was having guests, they played tug-of-war over where I would sleep each night. What makes your house a home?

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I skipped out of work early today to go to a job interview. Crashed and burned. It was like no interview i had ever been at before. i was being shot questions from the minute I walked in the office, without being offered a seat. I sat down anyway. Conclusion, the interviewer feels I'm not Israeli enough for the position. The position? Coordinate Hillel house programs for chulnick (mostly american) students who are here for the year... Biggest problem I see in situations like this is where the coordinator is Israeli, and the students don't relate to him. Oh well, their loss...I know I'd be great :) I'll keep looking. Still waiting to hear from the other coordinator position.