Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Whooo-hoooo! It's been snowing all day! I don't know about Christmas, but man it's gonna be an awesome white Thanxgivin'! Also, got to watch the Wings blast the Avs out of the snow (hehe) 7-3, and the Pistons didn't do so bad 114-89. Funny how here things like goals and points are important and there I find things like politics and life to write about...

State Of Things...

So, flight was thank Gd uneventful. Sat next to a pretty well behaved four year old and her mom in from Israel... and had a row to myself from JFK to Detroit. I got my license. Saw all my Detroit neices and nephews today. Went out to the nice restaurant in the city. And saw a play. Wow, and to think last week I did nothing.... hmm... Anyway, yeah, it's nice seeing everyone. My Boston family ppl are in the car on their way here... Florida grandparents are flying up... NJ clan is joining us for thnxgiving and Shabbat... All in all this is really going to be great....

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sense Anyone?

Makes none to me.

Monday, November 14, 2005


For my bat mitzvah the Hochheisers gave me a small white leather siddur. That summer, against my mother's advice, I took it to camp. My mother had been nervous that I would lose my new siddur. I thought she was crazy. I lost it the second day of camp. About six years later a girl from next door came home from my old camp with my siddur. I thought that was such a cool story. The following summer I worked in Israel at a camp. Once again took the siddur, the last day of camp I asked another counselor to hold it for me while I was speaking. She got on the plane with it, and I stayed in Israel for another month. Once again my siddur was gone. Yesterday she brought it over. She is moving apartments, and found my siddur while cleaning it out.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Just Weird...

So, what makes two people who were decidedly just friends turn that into something more? How could a 5 year platonic relationship change so much in under two months of decided dating? I should have some answers, as I'm living through this change right now, but I have no clue. I guess I'm just saying, the reason my blog has been empty for so long is I can't figure out what and how I want to write. Except... I'm happy. And I like that.