Sunday, July 08, 2007

In Jail

I'm working in a camp right now in Golan. Last night we played campture the flag. There was a major complaint about the game regarding the jail situation. The girls who were caught were not be freed, and wanted to escape so they could continue playing. The guards thought that it would not be fair to continue letting their captives go. Throughout the game we called escape time when everyone in jail was free to run away...but before trying to get the flag they needed to return to their base. This morning I had the chance to check the news... and I saw that Olmert's government has decided to once again allow prisoners go. Unfortionately for us, this insn't a game and the flag their trying to reach dosen't end the game with a kumzitz... At what point was he supposed to learn that life isn't a game, and sometimes there are losers... like those our soldiers risked their lives to put in jail in the first place?